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Data Loggers For Thermal Mapping

MeasureTest Instruments proudly announces the launch of Multi Use Data Loggers used for Temperature mapping of freezers, refrigerators, incubators, stability chambers, warehouses.

MTI-U2 Data Logger is one of our most popular offerings of multiple-use data loggers with large data storage of up to 36,000 readings. MTI-U2 can record and monitor temperature ranges of - 300C to +700C with an accuracy of higher than ±0.50C, .Humidity range 0-100%RH with accuracy of ±3%. It has a default battery run time of 180 days.

The LCD screen helps you to view real time temperature and humidity data and related information directly.

  • High and Low Alarm Curve
  • Max., Min., Average Value
  • Temperature Unit (0C, 0F)
  • Battery Level
  • Temperature/Humidity Valve
  • Alarm Status
  • Mark
  • Recording Status
  • Humidity Unit (%RH)