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Online TOC analyzer for biotech, medical devices and and pharmaceutical industries ACCURA-H is the total organic carbon analyzer based on Validation concepts, such are USP/EP, and well designed so that the function in which various production equipment is expected to be fully demonstrated. Our company manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of total organic carbon analyzer machine with measurement in Mumbai India to worldwide. It is possible to realize compliance to various kinds GMP economically, these are; the specification of instruments, delivery, even until the validation, our validation engineer will correspond appropriately, so that management of reliable TOC is realized at a low cost.

Total Organic Carbon Analyzer


  • USP/EP, CE, CSA approval
  • Possible to measure TOC completely online
  • Possible to oxidize hard-degradable TOC by a high powered UV lamp
  • Enhanced networking function
  • No need of reagents and carrier gases
  • Easy operation and maintenance free
  • Possible to get good stability at the low level of the TOC concentration
  • Possible to measure TOC on the same line when measurement and system suitability test


Total Organic Carbon Measurement


The ultrapure water used for the process of water washing for semiconductor industries or the WFI (water for injection) and PW (purified water)for the pharmaceutical industries, those include the TOC (Total Organic Carbon) are oxidized and decomposed by the short wavelength(184.9nm)and by through the intermediate structure, then finally oxidized to carbon dioxide.

Measuring by the batch system or using some moving parts, such as pumps to supply sample water into the equipment was conventionally way. By compensating the demerit of each measurement technology, ACCURA series enable to detect momentary increased TOC,(meaning the quality of the water changes sufficiently.

And these ACCURA Analyzers could realize a reduction of a free maintenance and running costs as well. ACCURA series applies the ultraviolet ray irradiation, amount of water, and well-controlled measurement algorithm. With this, ACCURA enables index and calculate the change in conductivity ratio before and after the oxidation of sample water to measure the total organic carbon.

ACCURA inherited only the good nature gene in the TOC measurement technology and evolves every day of total organic carbon measuring instrument. Which made ACCURA becomes best TOC analyzer in the world.