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Mini Colt 4S Portable Smoke Generator use a pressurized aerosol canister in aluminum containing smoke fluid and gaseous inertial propellant necessary for smoke generation.

The artificial smoke produced by Concept Colt 4 Smoke Generators is thick, safe (non-toxic), dry, controllable and extremely persistent, with a particle size of just 0.2 μ – MMAD (micron – mass median aerodynamic diameter), the smallest particle size of any smoke machines.

The fluid used to produce the water-based white smoke is a combination of purified water and pharmaceutical grade glycerine (CAS 56-81-5 / EINECS 200-289- 5).

Watch Video Demonstration of Minicolt – 4 with Colt 4 Aerosol

The resulting smoke from the Colt 4 smoke canister is very persistent. The canister is a one-piece aluminium vessel, eliminating any chances of rust occurring on the seam and prolonging the life of the aerosol.

The use of aerosol canisters reduces the number of moving elements within the device to only one, with a consequent ease of maintenance and reliability. The canisters are self-sealing after use so that it can be reused several times until its exhaustion.

Aerosol Canister