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Compressed Air Flow Meter


  • Thermal mass compressed air flow meter
  • Measures flow and total consumption
  • Insertion type sensor for flexible installations under pressure
  • Two type’s calibrations curve saved sensors in the internal memory
  • We used two different types of gases for sensor
  • With the integrated display users can see the actual flow and the total consumption
  • IP65 for industrial environments
  • Pipe diameters from 1” … 12” - others on Request
  • Can be used in almost any technical gas, not only in compressed air

A compressed testing meters, as the S 401 has needed in nearly some compressed air systems. It supports your monitoring systems and in the end it supports you to optimize your systems and gas management equipments.

The S 401 compressed air flow meter has designed to be easily to use for gas management measurements equipments manufacturers with reasonable price, we are offering a many other compressed ait testing products. It’s easily made and chooses the correct flow meter for your suggestions, S 401 which fit for your requirements. The S 401 models are thermal mass flow meters, created on its measurements principle it’s not compulsory to reward the air compressed testing equipments, so you do not needs any additional measurements installation to measure the flowing consumptions.

As per the thermal mass flowing meters are also suitable for used to gas measurement like nitrogen or several other gases. This S 401 sensors equipment provides you with extraordinary resolutions and sampler rates give exact result and very fast and accurate measurements. Our flow meters are capable to save two calibrations curve, owing to these the sensors can be used in two different gas measurements without any damages of precision.

We are provided optional colour display has designed to appearance entirely measurement standards that real flow and totally consumptions. At a time the display could be used to succeed the sensor setting like pipe diameter, gas measurement equipments type available.

Our company manufacturing two different types of flow meter output signals. It can’t stand prepared with an insulated analogue and positive output signal to read out the compressed air testing and the totally compressed air consumptions. Otherwise an edge can be used to contact all measurement standards through the digitally interface.