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We are offering the latest quality and international standards of ATI oil used for aggregation and aerosol generator. Our chemicals have used for leakage and construction controls equipments checking of effective air filter. Pao oil ATI metals product is proper for governments and testing application.

We provide filter testing applications to PAO-4 (poly-alpha olefin).

We are manufacturing 2 and 5 litre containers and many more as per the customer’s requirements and suggestions.



Boiling Point >316 oC (600 oF)
Specific Gravity 0.819 @ 15.5 ̊C (60 ̊F)
Vapor Pressure <0.013 kPa (0.1 mm Hg) at 20 ̊C
Vapor Density N/A
Solubility in Water Insoluble
Appearance / Odor Colorless, odorless liquid
Freezing Point N/A
pH at 5% N/A
Flash Point 222 ̊C (432 ̊F)
Method Used Cleveland open cup
Flammable Limits in Air N/A – UEL: N/A | LEL: N/A
Auto-Ignition Temp 343 ̊C (649 ̊F)
Viscosity 18 cSt at 40 ̊C/ 4 cSt at 100 ̊C