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Air Flow Consumption


  • Thermal mass flow without extra compensation
  • Perfect to measure your compressed air flow and consumption
  • Economic and affordable compressed air flow meter - S 415
  • High end compressed air flow meter - S 418
  • Wireless communicate interfaced for sensors setting
  • Accuracy up to 1%
  • Various sensors output: 4... 20 mA
  • No straight pipe requirement thanks to the combined flowing conditioners
  • No measure the whole mass flowing

The SUTO S 415 and 418 thermal mass flow meters provide air flow meter and consumptions measuring direct at the points. We are designing to be continuous combined into our compressed air systems. This system will help you to improved compress air systems productivity. Both versions available standards with wireless communication interface to operate the easily and check the flow meters readings or fix the setting.

The S 415 model for generally processing works with reasonable cost and wide monitoring of the compress air flowing is required, the S 418 model is ideal for remote location or high accuracy compress air flowing measurement with its built-in data logger and optional pressure sensor.