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The MiniColt 4SP has been designed for air flow testing, visualization tests, and particle recovery work. It is a completely portable unit and has the ability to produce anything from a small wisp of artificial smoke to a large plume, on and off the power. Pharmaceutical grade smoke chemical, stored in a one-piece aluminum canister is forced under pressure through the precision machined heat exchanger, where it is vaporized. We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of non toxic smoke generator machine for clean room in Mumbai India to worldwide company.

  • Manufactured by Concept in the UK under ISO 9001
  • Nontoxic, persistent, water-based – controllable smoke
  • Off Power capable or continuous maximum output if connected to mains power
  • Fully rechargeable in just 5 minutes
  • Extremely simple operation
  • Lightweight, hand-held smoke generator
  • The particle size of just 0.2-0.3 micron mmd (mass median diameter)– the smallest in its class.
Smoke Generator
General Specification (approx)
Size (cm) 33 x 15 x 19
Weight (kg) 5
Heat Exchanger (watt) 1100
Power Supply 230vAC, 50-450Hz (Basic), 50-60Hz Hybrid
Optional 110vAV, 50-450Hz (Basic), 50-60Hz Hybrid
Warm up time from cold (min) 5
Duration of aerosol at max output (min) 14
Smoke Output (m3/min @ 1.5m vis) 0-125 fully adjustable
Smoke Particle Diameter (micron, mmd) 0.2
Operation “Off Power” On and Off power


The Air Trace is available in two models, the standard Air Trace comes in an enameled orange finish & Air Trace S is in stainless steel. The new design is lighter, more practical and modern. It also incorporates a new double aspect sight glass.

The Air Trace S variant has been developed in stainless steel to cater for cleanrooms & controlled environments.

Supplied in its own robust carry case with 500ml of smoke chemical (250 minutes worth of smoke!), a battery and a battery charger, its an ideal tool for those looking to highlight airflow, LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) issues that smoke is uniquely capable of revealing.

Non Toxic Smoke Generator
Smoke machine


  • 12 V DC operation ( battery operated )
  • 1 Second warm-up time.
  • Smooth, low output, ideal for tracing local airflow patterns.
  • Handheld, 100% portable, lightweight & easy to use.
  • Complete with the quality carry case, battery,
  • extension spout, charger & 500ml of Smoke Fluid.
  • Switch mode charger (will charge from a 110v / 230v).


  • Manufactured by Concept in the UK under ISO 9001
  • Continuously rated with a precision, machined heat exchanger, guaranteed for life!
  • Can produce persistent (Fluid A) or quickly dispersing smoke (Fluid B) as required
  • Integral 2-liter reservoir, with sight glass or optional external reservoir
  • Digital microprocessor controller, splashproof switches, solid state switching & continuously rated pump
  • Continuous smoke output makes the Spirit ideal for BA training, PPV work, fire training, leak testing etc
Smoke Generator for Cleanroom

“So the Concept Engineering Spirit 900 wins, overall, across the testing criteria, it scored heavily and consistently. It’s beautifully made, works well and from what we have seen here makes extremely efficient use of the fluid – a consumable that those of you who are acutely budget conscious will want to keep your eye on.”

General Specification (approx)
Size (cm) 52 x 23 x 29
Weight (kg) 13.5
Heat Exchanger Wattage 2200
Power Supply 230v, 50hz
Optional 110v, 50/60hz
Warm up time from cold (mins) 5
Duration of aerosol at maximum output (mins) 40
Smoke output (m3/min @ 1.5m visibility) 0-420
Hang time index HTI 0.17 (Fluid B) / 2-4 minutes
HTI 4 – 6 (Fluid A) / 1.25-1.5 hours
Particle Size (micron, mass median diameter) 0.2-0.3

The Spirit 900 is well suited to applications where continuous, a high smoke output is required since it utilizes a continuously rated pump.

Like the Concept Colt 4, it generates the most persistent water-based smoke of any smoke machine available. Typical water-based smoke systems are resistant to temperatures of 35-45°C whereas the Spirit 900 using fluid A is still effective when temperatures reach 55°C.

Using a protected solid state relay for heater switching at zero volts, an IP65 rated digital microprocessor temperature control displaying actual and set temperatures, and splashproof switches and indicators the Spirit 900 does not compromise in the quality of the components used within the system. The temperature of the heat exchanger is PID controlled so that the heat is pulsed as a main setpoint is reached, minimizing overshoot and undershoot.