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ATI 4B – 8100 CFM


The 4B series family of Laskin-Nozzle aerosol generators are durable, portable, and reliable.

Designed for testing filter systems ranging from small glove boxes to large cleanroom plenums, ATI Laskin Nozzle generators provide the ideal solution for creating a polydispersed, submicron aerosol to certify and qualify in-situ filter systems.

Aerosol concentration output varies by generator model; however, concentrations can be achieved from 100 μg/l down to 10 μg/l at airflows ranging from 405 to 8,100 CFM.

Thermal Aerosol Generator
  4B 4B Lite
Dimension(L x W x H) 25 cm x 28 cm x 26 cm(10” x 11.25” x 10.5”) 19 cm x 28 cm x 26 cm(7.6” x 11.25” x 10.5”)
Weight 7.3 kg (16 lb) 5.5 kg (12 lb)
Aerosol Output 50 – 8,100 CFM 50 – 4,050 CFM
Concentration* 100 μg/l @ 810 CFM
10 μg/l @ 8,100 CFM
100 μg/l @ 405 CFM
10 μg/l @ 4,050 CFM
Generator Type Six Nozzle Laskin Style Aerosol Generator(operate 1 to 6 Laskin Nozzles) Three Nozzle Laskin Style Aerosol Generator(operate 1 to 3 Laskin Nozzles)
Compressed Air min 2.65 CFM /nozzle @ 20 Psig
Aerosol Type Poly-dispersed (Cold)
Generations Thermal condensations
Warm Up Times <90 second to reached operation temperatures of 360º C (699º F)
Systems Flowing Rates 829-120,000 m3/hr. (500 – 70,000 cfm)
Maximum Oil Consumptions 19.9 g/min (0.781 oz.)
Running times 40 minute (at oil consumptions)
Particles Distributions Meet ANSI/ASME N509/510
Dimension (L x W x H) 42cm x 12cm x 34cm (17” x5”x15”)
Weights approximately 8 kg empty (17.6 Lbs.)
Standard ISO14644-3, CE RoHS 2 (2011/65/EU directive)
Dimension 42 cm x 12 cm x 36 cm (17″ x 5″ x 15″)
Weights 9 kg (20 lb) empty;
17 kg (40 lb)
Power Consumptions 1040 Watt
Liquid Aerosol Reagent Capacity 1.2 Liter (65 fl oz)
Compress Insert Gas Inputs 1.70 Bar ± 0.08 Bar (26 psi ± 1.0 psi)
Compress Insert Gas Consumptions Rates 6.5 L/min (0.22 cfm)
Duct Systems Requirements Negative pressure required. Positive duct pressure requires ATI Positive Injection Pump (sold separately).
Duty Cycles Intermittent ON/OFF or <4 hours ON and >1 hour off


It is ideal for testing a wide variety of filter systems with air flows up to 2,000 CFM by generating a poly-dispersed, sub-micron aerosol.

Applications include workstations, negative- pressure filtration units, biological safety cabinets, ceiling modules and more. It can also be used for testing positive pressure systems using an optional Positive Injection Pump and hose adapter kits.

Laskin Nozzle Aerosol Generator