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The most exceptional, creative and easy to use computerized photometers accessible today, the ATI 2i is versatile, yet rough, and the perfect instruments for in-situ filtration systems trustworthiness tests. Using the iProbe gives full usefulness far from the base units, limiting personal timing and boosting activities in the fields. 2i accessible with fixed exampled trains for used in atomic and different hazardous situations.

Aerosol Photometer


The iProbe goes about as an expansion of the base instruments through an almost indistinguishable UI. All status and choice symbols from the based units are present to on the iProbe. The press of a catch, the testing area can be remotely chosen and exchanged by method for an electronics control valuing systems.

DOP Aerosol Photometer

Simple maintenance

Annual NIST traceable calibration service is provided by ATI or an ATI-certified calibration facility. Calibration includes setting the aerosol reagent references, sample flow reference points, operating voltages, and servicing the light scattering chamber assembly. Routine preventative maintenance entails cleaning and inspection of internal sample tubing and connections, the internal reference filter, and iProbe.

Three one of kind report capacities currently accessible with the 2i through the USB or discretionary warm printer interfaced. Persistent modes offer a similar yield as ATI's inheritance aerosol photometer to guarantee in reverse similarity. Checking mode gives the capacity to gather information at client characterized interims for long haul inspecting. Synopsis mode, which gives discrete detailing capacity for individual channel areas, can yield to the warm printer to meet client certification requirement.

PAO Aerosol Photometer