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(now a part of Air Techniques International., USA)


  • Digital read-out : mass challenge in µg/l and downstream %penetration
  • Real time indication– fast response
  • Two stream solenoid switched – may be computer controlled or remotely operated
  • Switchable DNS makes upstream measurements stable and more accurate
  • Unrivalled stability – enables measurement to 99.9999% efficiency.
  • Visual & audible alarm.
  • Weighs only 9 kg
  • Scanning Probe: SP9, Simple low cost hand-probe
  • Scanning Probe: SP20A, Digital hand-probe with alarm LED and articulating head
  • ‘dop touch’ AEROSOL PHOTOMETER

  • Easy to operate using touch screen interface.
  • Reversible use, flat or upright, screen auto-rotates.
  • Fast and easy setup in seconds, auto-calibrates to all globally used oil types.
  • Secure testing, calibration information recorded.
  • Retains calibration when powered down and moving between filter tests.
  • Light Smartprobe, audible and vibrating alarms, and sampling control.
  • Comprehensive test reports, printed to paper (USB A4 or tally roll) or USB flashdrive.
  • Optical stability measures aerosol concentrations as low as 1mg/m3, and penetration to 0.0001%, so PTFE filters and ULPA grades easily tested
  • The ATI 6D is a small, light, and rugged portable, self-contained Laskin-Nozzle aerosol generator. It is ideal for testing a wide variety of filter systems with airflows up to 2,000 cfm by generating a poly-dispersed, sub-micron aerosol.