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MeasureTest provides On-Site calibration services for Airborne Particle Counters & Liquid Particle Counters.

The Calibration includes –

  • Complete servicing and overhauling of the instrument,
  • Sensor cleaning,
  • Airflow check,
  • Installation of spares, if required
  • Size Calibration using PSL
  • Verification and revalidation

Primary recalibration of the counter is carried out with Polystyrene Latex spheres traceable to NIST USA, an aerosol generator, pulse height analyzer etc. We assure that all our engineers are well trained & qualified to carry out the calibration to international standards.

Our procedures are designed to maximize the repeatability, reproducibility, and accuracy of particle measurement instruments. These procedures have been developed in accordance with key standards for particle counters including ISO 21501. The reproducibility of our measurements is achieved through proper design and verified through state of the art optical alignment methods, standard reference counters, and appropriate count calibration procedures.

For more information on the range of calibration services MeasureTest Instruments offers, please feel free to contact us or call 022 49701393 to make a appointment.